Valentine’s Day

2017 marks the third year celebrating Valentine’s Day with my favorite person in the world. My boyfriend Cole and I try not to fall into the outrageous corporate mess that the “holiday” is often surrounded by, but we both got the day off and couldn’t resist treating ourselves with rich experiences and delicious vegan, cruelty-free food. Now here’s a cute photo of Cole and our feast.

The most shocking thing of all was that they had mini Smart Balance vegan butter for me to spread all over this baby.


After we ate breakfast, (which, by the way, was from Green Vegetarian Cuisine), we headed to Dripping Springs, about an hour from San Antonio, to visit the Driftwood Estate Winery for a tasting. Cole has been there with his family before but it was my first time. Even though it was chilly and we didn’t spend much time outside, the property was beautiful, over-looking a large country field and rows and rows of grapevines. For the tasting, we were able to each pick 6 different wines we wanted to try. Cole and I didn’t pick any of the same, but not on purpose. It just so happens that when it comes to wine, I love the sweet stuff and Cole likes the drier and more woodsy and earthy flavors.



Next stop: MASSAGE! For Christmas, Cole purchased a couple’s massage package for the two of us and I’d been dyeing to use it, so I figured what better day than Valentine’s Day. We even added a rose-petal bath for a little extra and it was completely worth it. We both felt so relaxed after the massage and I can’t believe that was my first time ever getting a professional massage. I am now addicted. Before that, I relied on Cole and my cats, but I can’t complain about those either. I was too in the moment to take any photos of the massage place, but just imagine pure bliss.

From there, we decided to check out a food truck before coming home. We had plans to go bowling with some friends from my work when we got back and we were also going to be meeting up with a friend and her cat that we would be petsitting, so we didn’t want to stay too long. However, the place we discovered is something we will definitely be coming back to. Arlo’s is an all vegan food truck that serves macaroni burgers, frito pie burgers, bacon cheeseburgers, and more. It was connected to this sweet bar¬†called Cheer up Charlie’s that had a multicolored flag waving in the wind, a great reminder to love all beings.



Whoever you are, I hope you give love, get love, are love. every single day.


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