Tom’s Deodorant Review

For those of you searching for new cruelty-free and vegan product alternatives, you might know that there is a struggle in finding a product that works great the first time around. While there are lots of alternatives, the time and money it takes to find the right ones can be costly. I’m here to share with you my review of Tom’s natural deodorant.

I chose to go with the scent Soothing Calendula. The smell is not very strong, but it does smell like a pretty flower which I liked. Some of their other scents include Wild Lavender, Beautiful Earth, Fresh Apricot, as well as one that is unscented. I’d heard so many great things about this brand and I am a huge fan of their toothbrushes (which I will be reviewing later), but I was extremely disappointed with my deodorant. The product states that it should have 24 hour protection. I maybe got 2-3 hours. Not that I’m proud, but there will be days around the house when I do not put on any deodorant, and I cannot smell myself. However, for some odd reason, once the Tom’s Deodorant wore off, I smelled worse than if I hadn’t put anything on to begin with. I continued to try out the deodorant for another two weeks, still with the same effects. Granted, I do work a lot, sometimes in areas with extra heat (outside for one of my jobs, and next to a popcorn popper for the other), but it’s not like I’m running a marathon or anything. I also felt as though it caused me to sweat a little more. The actual product that goes on feels great. It’s thin and cool, and was never noticeable UNTIL I was sweating, and it felt like I had butter under my pits. To make it worse, after I stopped using it, even after taking a proper amount of showers, I felt as though I could smell my natural body odor so much more. It took another week for me not to notice the changes the deodorant had on my body.

Many others have highly reviewed this deodorant, but unfortunately it just didn’t work for me. Did anyone else have similar results or was your experience better? If you have any recommendations for me or other readers, I’d love to read about them in the comments!


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