October Mixtape


I thought about making a playlist for upcoming months, but it didn’t make much sense because who knows what I’ll be listening to in the future. Instead, I wanted to share with you music that I’ve been listening to over this past month. I’m one to find new artists through Soundcloud and random Youtube videos, so my music choices may not always be the newest content or what’s popular at the moment, but they are always songs that reach out to me and leave me hitting the replay button endlessly. Though I wish at times that my playlist was comprised of music all in the same genre or songs that fit the “aesthetic” or “mood” of what we may think of October, it doesn’t always work out that way and so you see, I end up with a jumbled mix of songs, but a mix that encaptures all of my moods throughout this wonderful month.


I hope you enjoy and have fun with these songs as much as I do! And please leave any song recommendations down below, no matter how crazy or out of season they might seem to be. 🙂

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