Gifts Ideas for Vegans

DISCLOSURE:¬†This post contains affiliate links but they’re here for you to find the perfect vegan gifts without having to do a million different searches. I hope you enjoy my selections and feel free to comment down below with any other suggestions you might have so we can all help each other out!

I do want to note that these items are more geared toward the “vegan side” of a person. Does that make sense? Basically, I’m trying to say that your friend has a million wonderful different aspects of his/herself and you don’t have to focus on the fact that he/she is vegan. You can get them a movie that has nothing to do with animals or purchase clothes that don’t have a vegan message on them. These are just fun gifts that vegans would appreciate and have fun with, but they don’t have to be the only things you get them. ūüôā

1. Sponsor an animal
This is such a unique gift and it’s something you could continue to do every year. Knowing that one’s gift is helping an animal in need is¬†enough to make any vegan happy. Below are just a few places you could sponsor an animal from. If you aren’t comfortable sponsoring an animal from an organization you’re not familiar with, you can also think about donating to a local shelter or organization in your friend or significant other’s name.
WWF (World Wildlife Fund)
Farm Sanctuary
Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

2. Gift Basket of cruelty-free products
After so many years of using non-vegan products, it can be hard to figure out a new product that works best for one’s skin, hair, nails, etc. By putting together a basket of different products, it gives your friend a chance to discover new products without them having to spend money on ones that might not work out. So don’t worry about specific products to buy or what they already own, just do a little research and find any vegan products you think they could enjoy.¬†Don’t have that much money? Samples work great too!
Product Ideas Include:
Vegan Lip Balm for soft lips
-My favorite (and the only) hair products I use, Shea Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner
-A relaxing Lush Cup O’ Coffee Face and Body Mask Scrub
Vegan Friendly Nail Polish, a definite staple
-Forever necessary, Natural Deodorant

3. Baked Goods
The thought is 100% what counts, so if you’re low on money or just like to bake, then gifting a vegan with food is priceless. Plus, it’s likely that you will try your own creation and end up loving it, which would make your friend or significant other happy enough already. There are thousands of recipes on Pinterest or you can find some great recipes in this book.

4. Swap
This may not be the case for all vegans, but people who have recently made the switch or are still making the switch to veganism, likely own a lot of products that are not vegan and are in the process of replacing them. However, there may be sentimental value, a strong love for the look and style, or even just a usability of a certain item and the person doesn’t have a current, better alternative. Ask your vegan friend what items they’re trying to get rid of and go on a hunt for similar shoes or belts that don’t have leather, or a comfy sweater made from cotton instead of their cashmere one, or a faux fur coat to replace their real one. It will help them to declutter the items they feel suffocated by (and possibly guilty about) and they’ll no longer have to worry about if they’ll ever find a good replacement. PLUS, if they don’t mind, you could even keep the non-vegan items. It means one less vegan item is being purchased! Below are a few options I love.

These Dr. Martens Vegan Boots are adorable! For both men and women.
-ModCloth has a lot of really cute vegan shoes such as these.
-I own this coat with faux fur from Old Navy in the color black.
This belt is vegan AND made of recycled materials and looks dapper.

5. Vegan Message T-Shirt
Don’t fret. This doesn’t have to be a shirt that spells VEGAN in large, bold letters. There are a bunch of cute and hilarious shirts that even a nonvegan could appreciate or laugh at. Below are just a few of my favorites.
Liberation for all shirt
Not Your Mom Not Your Milk Shirts
Funny Vegan Protein T-Shirt
Avocato Shirt
Leave My Tits Alone T-Shirt

6. Vegan Pins
These are great for stocking stuffers because they’re small and they’re normally pretty cheap! They’re great for putting on backpacks, hats, purses, etc, and they spread the vegan message without being too flashy.
I’d recommend these, these, or these¬†because you can purchase more of them for a cheaper price.¬†

7. Monthly Subscription Box
No matter what kind of vegan friend you have, there are boxes for everyone. There are chocolate boxes (Endorfin Foods/Vegan Bitch Box), makeup boxes (Vegan Cuts), beauty boxes (Petit Vour), boxes with household products (The Honest Company), and many more.

8. Food Products
If you’re not feeling one of the subscription boxes, try putting together your own basket of food products. Don’t forget common vegan staples such as nutritional yeast and siracha, maple syrup and coconut oil.¬†

9. Kitchenware
Along those same lines, since many of the vegans I know, including myself, find themselves experimenting in the kitchen a lot, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to gift them with some kitchenware.
This set of pots and pans are colorful and fun and would be a great addition to any kitchen.
-For a full set of all of the necessary kitchen essentials, this is the perfect set.
-Spice it up with this starter set of organic spices.

10. A Plant
Whether it be a cute plant that they could use to decorate their room, or a vegetable plant that they could grow their own mini garden with, a plant is a thoughtful and beautiful gift. If you’re not able to give them the gift in person, you could also think about sending them a pack of seeds or a bonsai trees germination kit.

11. Makeup
You can find vegan and cruelty-free makeup through brands such as Elf, Kat Von D’s Beauty collection, Lush, and much more. While some companies may not be completely vegan, you can find products within that are so just make sure to look at the product descriptions for a leaping bunny or something that clearly states that the product has not been tested on animals or does not contain any animal products. Just to be extra safe, makeup is one of the things that I would ask your friend in advance about OR you could gift them with a gift card to anywhere that sells vegan makeup brands.

12. Spiralizer
When most of your diet consists of veggies, a spiralizer helps to make meals a little more creative. Instead of plain, boring noodles, this baby can turn those veggies into supreme, colorful noodles that look 100x more appetizing.

13. Blender
While this gift is a little on the pricier side, it is without a doubt, one of the most useful gifts. My boyfriend gifted me a blender last Christmas and I am forever grateful. I have this one but the Vitamix is always highly recommended.

14. Movies or Movie Date
In terms of movies geared towards veganism. The most popular are Cowspiracy, Earthlings (watch free here), and Forks over Knives. These may even be the films that helped your friend go vegan. Personally, I would not want to be gifted these films (some people might) but what would be even better is if you watched one of them or promised to watch one of them with your friend to show that you’re interested in learning what goes on behind closed doors involving the food industry. On a much lighter note, the films below are ones that are more enjoyable and can be watched over and over! Some are older classics but they live on for any animal lover.
Homeward Bound (my personal childhood favorite)
12 Monkeys starring Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt
-The Wild Thornberrys film as well as the complete TV series
Kedi, which is a MUST SEE documentary for all cat lovers

15. Candles
I know, some of you may be thinking that this is the most common and unexciting gift ever because everyone likes to give candles, BUT I’ve had a whole new outlook on candles since going vegan. Most candles are actually NOT vegan because they are made from¬†beeswax or animal-derived stearic acid. PETA has a great list of vegan candle companies on their website and I’ll list a few down below. The problem is, I often find that vegan soy-based candles don’t have a strong scent that lasts like most scented candles made from beeswax and so I’m always on the hunt for a good vegan one. You find one of those, your friend will damn well appreciate a candle as a gift!
These look beautiful and there are some great options for scents.
This one has a Campfire Marshmallow Scent!
These have a dual purpose and will cover up your pet’s odors.

16. Tote Bags
These are quite the stable among the vegan community. They can be used in place of a purse, as a book bag, and many also take them to the farmers market or grocery store to hold their produce. The most popular tote bags are from a company called In The Soulshine and they’re beautiful and also ethically made. However, they can run a bit on the pricey side when shipping costs are included so I’ve provided a few different ones down below.
This Not Your Mom Not You Milk tote has a great graphic and is the perfect size to fit all your produce.
This one is more simplistic, featuring the words Peace, Love, Vegan with a small photo above each.
This is probably my favorite because it has a dinosaur and the words “Veggie Sauras”

17. Cookbooks!
Though we can look recipes up easily on the web nowadays, there’s something special about owning a physical recipe book. It’s fun trying to try out all of the recipes and marking our favorites. I’ve heard a lot of wonderful things about these cookbooks:
-I’ve actually pre-ordered this one from Hot For Food because I love them so much! They have a YouTube channel where these two lovely humans have challenges where they try and make “the best sandwich” or “the best mac n cheese” or “the best taco.” Every recipe looks stunning and delicious and I can’t wait for this to arrive at my door.
The Thug Kitchen Cookbook is the one I’ve continuously heard about even before I went vegan. I believe the guy who wrote it has a YouTube channel as well.
-You could also try this Vegan Holiday Cookbook since it fits so well with the season.
-I find most of my recipes online from The Minimalist Baker and she has her own cookbook which is marvelous. Most of her recipes have a small amount of ingredients, are made in one pot, or take a smaller amount of time than most other meals.

18. Jewelry
What’s better than normal jewelry is jewelry with a message?
-Check out this one with a beautiful crescent moon and a pendant that hangs below and says Vegan on it.
This silver and sleek handstamped jewelry says “When Every Cage is Empty” on it.
This handmade vegan ring has a beautiful green stone in the center and the iconic vegan “V”

19. Giftcards
Hear me out. I know gift cards can be lame gifts that seem like a cop out, BUT they can be great gifts if you do it right. Use this opportunity to support your local restaurants and shop owners by getting gift cards from them. Your vegan friend would probably love to get a gift card to a little vegan restaurant downtown that they’ve never tried. It will be a fun experience for them because they can discover new and more vegan items.

20. Books
If your vegan friend likes to read then you are in luck. There are so many good books out there that involve animal rights and veganism.
Animal Liberation by Peter Singer
Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer 
Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: An Introduction to Carnism by Melanie Joy
Eat Like You Care: An Examination of the Morality of Eating Animals by Gary Francione and Anna Charlton

21. Wall Art
-Simple Black and White Vegan definition print
Adorable hedgehog carrying vegetables on his back
Proud to be one of the Vegan Beings print

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