Film 02 // Going in Style

If you read my first review then you know this is more of a *ramble* than a review, but nonetheless I am here to tell you about this film that I wish was in the form of a cat or a teddy bear so I could pet it and hug it tight.

My sister and I were looking for something to do on my day off and happened to show up at the theatre when this film was about to begin. Working at the movies, and in box office specifically, I’d realized that no one could even remember the name of this film, and instead explained it to me by calling it “the old person movie” or “the one with Morgan Freeman.” I knew it only by the picture on my POS , not by any trailer or review. (I do urge you to see a film without watching the trailer, and if you’re not sure about stumbling upon a good one by chance and spending your money, I recommend doing so with this one).

This movie gave me the FEEELS. I cried and laughed many times over, each time turning to me sister to see if she was maybe thinking the same things. Granted, I cry at the littlest of things, mostly things that make my heart melt, but I haven’t gotten so many different emotions from a movie in awhile.

There’s a humorous undertone to the movie, but essentially, the three main characters have spent their whole lives working hard at their jobs to have their pension funds taken away when they lose them. The realization that this happens to people every day is extremely frustrating and sad. While watching these elderly men try and rob a bank had me laughing, the thought that it was the only way to provide them with enough money for life’s savings is also terrifying. It showed how corrupt some businesses are and how people’s lives and safety aren’t valued enough over money. However, it also made me realize how dependent we are on money in order to live even within the smallest of means. I thought the movie balanced these issues well, but it left me wanting more! Because I know I could never get away with robbing a bank, I had the urge to know what one could do to fight for their rightfully earned money and why we aren’t doing more about these issues. I suppose I should turn to a documentary instead of a comedy for those answers though.

After watching this, I thought about all the things I treasure, or rather, should be treasuring. My grandparents, seniors, my youth, family, old friendships, time, and so much more. My fears of getting old were shushed by the idea that any age and any time can always be filled with love and beauty as long as one’s motivation for life doesn’t change. I would recommend this film to anyone and everyone, because I don’t think there’s anything this film doesn’t touch on that doesn’t apply to us human beings just trying to get by.


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