Film 01 // Comet

I don’t want to label this a review as this will probably turn out to be more of a ramble than a professional scoring of the film, but I do want to begin here, telling you about the films I stumble upon and feel compelled to give you a little insight into, in hopes that you’ll too watch it and stop me in the middle of a hallway or send me urgent messages about your thoughts on it too. Comet just so happens to be lucky film #1 as it is the most recent film I have watched before I decided to do this little series. Let’s begin.

Film Title: Comet
Director: Sam Esmail (also the writer)
Release Date: 2014
Plot Summary: This film is focused around two characters, Dell and Kimberly (played by Justin Long and Emmy Rossum), and their relationship over the course of six years. However, the story is nonlinear, as it lives through a scattered timeline, through different parallel universes.

Before anyone asks why I spoiled the fact that this film contains parallel universes, this is clearly expressed in the very beginning of the film and it does so with big yellow letters. I must note, however, that I must have completely missed this key element when I first watched it, but I went along with it anyway, guessing that each part of the relationship was both connected and disconnected, as it was.

To start off, due to the parallel universes, it allowed both Justin Long and Emmy Rossum to excel in the roles of all of their ever-changing characters! I thought they had excellent chemistry and I wanted them to be together from the very beginning. Long plays a narcissist who doesn’t know how to keep his mouth or inner thoughts shut. Somehow, either because Long is too talented for his own good or because his character, Dell’s, honesty allows him to feel more authentic than any normal human being, he becomes a joy to watch. Long’s counterpart, Emmy Rossum’s performance as Kimberly is equally as good. She represents any typical girl who, though independent and strong-willed herself, is weakened by thoughtful conversations and assurances of everlasting love.

In terms of visuals, I thought this film looked beautiful the entire way through. With tones of blues and purples and pinks, consistently reminiscent of the night sky theme intertwined, I always felt very warm and comforted watching it. It echoed how comfortable the two characters were in their honesty and vulnerability around each other. There were so many conversations within this film that felt so incredibly raw. Some of the things they said to each other were things I think people only say inside their heads or write down in their diaries after the breakup. Other things that maybe we wouldn’t think should be said aloud, but that ultimately are necessary for an honest relationship.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but there is a scene in which one of the characters says “I needed you in this life.” This scene, among many others, reminds me of how perfect the writing is. It’s stuff I wish would come out of my mouth sometimes, because it’s all so thought-provoking.

I realize I’m only saying good things, but as I said, I consider this more of a ramble than a “true review.” So to continue, let’s just talk about the music. I believe most or all of the soundtrack contains music by Daniel Hart. All lovely compositions of piano and violin and sounds that make me want to do a slow run through a field of flowers beneath the light of the moon. Some of the music also reminded me of one of my favorite artists recently, Tom Rosenthal. Stuff that could get your mind racing but render you still at the same time.

As for the story itself, it showed the numerous sides of a relationship and how a person grows from each of those things. Although it was ultimately from Dell’s point of view, you could clearly see how both characters were changed from their first encounter. I felt right there with them as they grew frustrated, sad, were filled with immense happiness. The thought that these feelings exist in one lifetime, or the greater idea that these feelings and different life encounters could be a part of something even greater -entire universes- was so well expressed and I highly recommend watching this film if you get a chance. To me, it’s one of those films that makes you feel all right in the world. It reassures you that you’re on the right track because maybe no one really is. Trust me, you won’t regret watching it!
P.S. If you don’t have time, I’d even recommend just listening to the soundtrack as I’m doing right now. So peaceful <3

If you’ve seen this film, let’s chat about it! I’d love to hear from you in the comments. And always, if you have any recommendations of your own, they are always welcome here.


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