A Few Things I’m Loving in January 2017

1. La La Land Soundtrack
Even though the movie came out in 2016, I’m counting this as a January favorite because I didn’t watch it until 2017 and to be honest, this could continue to be on my list of favorites for a very long time 🙂 The movie was incredibly lovely and I was surprised that I loved it so much, not only because I’m not the biggest fan of musicals, but because I heard so many people saying how much they enjoyed it and thought “I could never love something as much as everyone else seems too.” Was I wrong. My favorite songs would have to be “City of Stars,” sung by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone and Epilogue” by Justin Hurwitz.

2. Magicians (TV Show)
(I don’t even know how to explain my love for this show.) I can’t even tell you why I started watching it in the first place, but I am glad I did. The show is based around these magicians who attend a school together to practice and improve their magic. (YOU CAN READ THE synopsis HERE). CHAOS ENSUES. I think what I love most about this show are the characters. I am CONTINUALLY impressed by how great the acting is even with a young-ish cast and subject matter that could easily come off as cheesy or childish. Another thing I really admire, though it doesn’t directly relate to the show, are the help lines that are displayed after some of the episodes. For example, the issue of both sexual assault and suicide/depression are within the show and numbers to get help are provided at the end. Overall, this show is great for anyone who holds onto a belief for even the smallest of things, and there is such satisfaction in watching that belief grow into something real and meaningful.

3. Shadowhunters (TV Show)
Now, before you judge me, I would like to agree with a majority of people that his show is actually pretty awful. The acting is cheesy, the dialogue is cliche, and the plot is not completely in line with the books. However, I can’t deny that it is bringing characters to life from a book series that I absolutely cherish and it continues to grow on my like a pop song that you try to hate but soon fall in love with. If you’re not familiar with the books though, this show is not recommended. (Just read the books instead)!

4. “With You” by Illenium (feat. Quinn XCII)
This song caught my attention the second I heard it. It’s got a steady, rhythmic beat that is somehow both relaxing and moving at the same time. Give it a listen HERE.

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