It’s raining outside. Cole and I are in a coffee shop sipping our hazelnut lattes (Cole with less pumps of flavor) and he’s writing some poems as I work on this blog of mine that I’ve had for months and haven’t published because I think I secretly like having a little space of my own. The two of us graduate from college in four days and I still haven’t picked out my outfit or woken up from this hazy dream. The fog makes me think I’m still asleep.

I’m not really sure what I’ll be doing job-wise once I walk the stage, and I’m completely fine with that. Long term work goals frighten me a bit and I still have an array of small things I want to accomplish and try out. However, for a change of scenery, Cole and I will be moving. Where? Well, I’m going to a place where the seasons change and coffee shops line every corner. I can walk and bike and take the bus anywhere I want. Vegan food will be available every one hundred feet and my feet will be able to run and hike on dozens of mossy forests and trails where I can take pictures of giant slugs and work on identifying the different types of trees that allow me to breathe. This pretty little pocket of the world is Portland, Oregon. It’ll be a new experience not only for Cole and I, but also our two adorable cats Kora and Calvin that will (God help us) be traveling with us in the car for three days up there.

I’ve got a lot of people asking me why I would move when I don’t have a job lined up, but a job doesn’t have to define my life right now. I’m free to do whatever I wish!

I’m going to miss a lot of things. I’ll miss my family. My sister turns eighteen right before I leave and I haven’t even had the chance to go to the club with her. This is an important bonding experience! My brother hasn’t yet taught me how to skate. I’ll miss my friends, those who have been with me since elementary school and beyond and those I’ve had great connections with even in a short amount of time. I’ll miss my jobs-the movie theatre that I’ve been at for years and met Cole at, as well as the other two theatres I worked at right out of high school. I’ll also miss the Wildlife Rescue I gratefully stumbled upon this past year and got to live out my dream working and caring for animals. I’ll miss the lovely friends and coworkers I met there that share the same passions and kindness for animals and the environment. I’ll miss my local vegetarian/vegan restaurants that started to pop up in the last few years around the time I went meat-free. I’ll even miss watching dogs shit out my window in the dog park below my apartment window. Lastly, I mustn’t forget the half-price books down the street (even though there will be others) that I have binge bought books from after failing to just browse.

I won’t miss how every school and store I’ve ever walked into blasts their air conditioning to freezing levels or the inability to use public transportation or the difficulty of parking downtown. That time Cole and I went to Market Square to check out the night market but it was cancelled because there isn’t much of a night life here. I won’t miss the lack of efforts or interest in making this city environmentally friendly or the unnecessary amount of large trucks that people drive around without serving any real purpose. I won’t miss the big, non-local businesses or the car dealerships on every corner.

I’ve got a love/hate relationship with my birth city, but I’ll be simultaneously happy and sad to leave it all the same.


I’ll be making this blog a consistent thing from now on if you’d like to follow me along. 🙂


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