An Escape to Two Lakes

Went on a little adventure! Driving two hours from our city, we found ourselves in a rural Oregon where trails and lakes were nestled amongst miles and miles of tall, green trees. We began at the Mirror Lake Trailhead and shuffled our feet along switchbacks and through dense vegetation, up and up until we emerged at a pathway filled with flower patches larger than us. Spanning to our right were layers of pines that took on various color shades as fog hovered above like a friendly ghost. A glance to our left brought us the mountain, a gift, stretching out to us in the river’s reflection. It was quiet, save for the echo of a ten or so people at different sections of the lake. Taking the loop around, we placed ourselves in front of the mountain and dipped our feet, waving our toes at the crawfish, peeping in and out of rocks and logs, in greeting.

Taking photos and playing the 20 question game, eating pb&j’s and chips and salsa, staring at sun playing across the water. And let’s not forget the chipmunks! Sweet, mischevious creatures pining after our chips and sandwiches, running around like little children. Bliss.

But wait! We were told about another lake, only a few miles down the road. Waving goodbye to the chipmunks, we packed up and drove over to Trillium Lake.

Now there was something about seeing Mirror Lake first, having a small spot to ourselves and seeing the mountain double itself in the water, but Trillium Lake was something else. There wasn’t a trail leading up to the lake so we walked right up to heaven- a large, wide-spanning lake with an open tree line, and the mountain, clear as day, bigger and more beautiful than anything else I’d seen. It was already getting close to sun set and the sun was to our left, pouring through trees and lighting up the lake. Greedy ducks and more greedy chipmunks emerged and people were swimming, fishing, kayaking, soaking in the spectacle. Trails behind the lake took us to scenic camping dens and filled our ears with bird calls and insect buzzes. We took a dip in the lake and didn’t move from our spot until our legs were numb and we couldn’t feel anything but the feeling of bliss.

We stayed there for a few hours until the sun disappeared beneath the tree line and the moon took over. Drove home. Remembered I LIVE HERE. Maybe next month we’ll go back.

What’s your favorite magical place? 🙂



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  1. I can’t get over how beautiful it is there! It’s like a fairy tail!!

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