A Week Has Passed

Today marks one week from our arrival in Portland, Oregon. From sleeping on the floor for five days until our UPack arrived, to countless hours of furniture surfing online; cover letter after cover letter, filling out job applications in our sleep. Stressing about money and how the heck we’re going to fit all of our clothes in one closet, and then de-stressing with tea shops and coffee shops, walking through city streets and making every dollar count at cruelty-free and vegan restaurants.

Cole and I both have job interviews lined up for the next week, which is good, but also bad because nothing is ever immediate these days. We must wait for second interviews, third interviews, until we have nothing new to say about our interests or hobbies. Too much time causing me to question, “Do I even want this job that bad?” Take me back to the good old days when I could just get hired on the spot to do some handy work, like painting houses and mowing the lawn. Apparently, you have to have 1+ years of experience for that kind of stuff nowadays. (Trust me, I looked).

The only good thing about not having a job is that it has allowed a small break in time where I’ve been able to get back into some writing, video making, and just creative thinking overall. It’s amazing what ideas flow through your head when you’re not focused on money money money. I’ve been putting up a couple of youtube videos recently, one about our road trip to Portland, one showing our new, empty but precious apartment, and a third one that’s rather silly but was all fun and games-a time-lapse of me putting my bookshelf back together. Then, of course, I’ve been working on building this blog back up.

Some little goals of mine for the near future are to explore two different career routes. I’ve been taking a few classes and doing my own research on copyediting and I’m really enjoying it. Problem is, there aren’t many jobs currently that have anything to do with book editing that don’t require prior, professional experience. No worries though, I want to scope out a few good journals and magazines I could write for and then possibly do an internship a little ways down the road. (Hit me up with suggestions!) Plus, I’m still working on my personal novel so having some time to work on that is always a blessing. The other route is teaching (subbing first), but someone please tell me why there is no clear and concise pathway to becoming a substitute teacher in this state! Once I figure all of that out, I think it’d be fun to teach 3rd of 4th grade?! Either way, I’m having some fun exploring all of the alternatives.

I hope wherever you are, you’re having a good day, a good life. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy some photos from our road trip 🙂 I realized I took more photos of the cats than of Cole and I, but they’re more fun to look at anyway.

P.S. I’m always open to suggestions for both posts and videos, so if you have any, please leave them in the comment section below! Also, feel free to leave a comment about your ups and downs in life. Let’s be rocks for each other!

Much love, Kelsey


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  1. I love reading your blogs! I’m glad you are enjoying Portland! I look forward to seeing all of your adventures up there! Love you!!

    1. Yay thanks 🙂 Are you still posting stuff on yours? If not, you should so I can stay updated!! And love you too!

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